The tattoo removal cream is the next best thing since sliced bread, individuals who badly want to undo their tattoos agree. This statement’s enthusiasm goes up a notch when said individuals involved are deathly afraid of needles. (Not that getting pricked is anyone’s idea of fun, but you get the picture.)

Seriously, though, modern technology’s the best. Who would’ve thought we’d come to a time when you’d need only a simple cream to do away with that body art you now regret getting?

Back then, the only options were dermabrasion and cryosurgery. These were quite effective, but they didn’t deal much with the pain and discomfort. After all, no pain, no gain, right?

Well, not really.

Just because a process has always been painful doesn’t mean you merely sit back and accept it. No, siree. Why not poke around further, see what you can come up with to create a procedure that works and isn’t as painful at the same time?

Some people did, and eventually, the tattoo removal cream was born.


How does the tattoo removal cream work?

For starters, it pays to know how the entire process of tattoo removal works. This makes it easier to understand what goes on behind the scenes (or underneath the skin, if you will) of the magical tattoo removal cream.

Basically, laser tattoo removal involves breaking down—either by laser or some other external mechanism—the ink pigments from the tattoo. White blood cells bring about this breaking down, and they even “escort” the pigments to the liver. The liver processes these pigments and prepares them to be excreted from the body.

Now, with the tattoo removal cream, your body and skin follow the same breaking-down process. The active ingredients in the cream work their way into your dermis, where they get down to work and attack the tattoo pigments.

After this attack, the white blood cells take the broken-down pigments to the liver. You know what happens to the inks at this stage.


Is the product effective?

Compared to its more complex counterparts, the tattoo removal cream is fairly new in the ink-dissolving scene. However, it doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. In fact, a lot of people swear by the power and effectiveness of this product.

Its strength lies in the ease of its application. The cream is incredibly easy to put on and take off. You can literally apply it on your skin anytime, anywhere. Who doesn’t love that? This convenience frees you up to spend more time on the things you love doing, with your unwanted tattoo disappearing to boot.

Also, some tattoo-removal creams are packaged with pre- and post-treatment topical applications. This may take longer than putting on the erasing cream alone, but it does mean your skin’s more receptive to the treatment.

The pre-treatment cream preps your skin for the actual tattoo-removing cream. This ensures the ingredients seep deeper into your dermis, leading to faster and better results. The post-treatment cream, on the other hand, soothes your skin after the process.

Do note that aftercare is crucial to faster recovery. Don’t be without it!


What are the best creams found in Singapore?

If you’re in Singapore and are considering removing your tattoo via the cream route, you’re in luck. You can find a couple of tattoo removal creams in the country. This is particularly handy in the event you want to expand your options, or are simply curious about the effectiveness of other brands.



The Profade system uses a 3-step method to ensure a smooth, fuss-free experience in making your tattoo disappear. When used together, the 3 separate creams promise to deliver excellent results. Yup, your unwanted tattoo can now be a thing of the past!

With continuous and religious usage, you can expect to see your body art disappear completely within 3–9 months.


Wrecking Balm

Are you into popular, highly recommended products? Then Wrecking Balm is for you. This tattoo removal cream is one of the most popular in the market, already garnering 185 (and counting!) reviews on Amazon. If that doesn’t tell you how big this product is, then I don’t know what will.

This system works great for individuals who prefer to do their application at the privacy of their homes. Or in some other structure. It’d be a bit strange to do this in public, what with the FDA-approved device involved in the scene (if you don’t mind getting stared at by passersby, that’s fine too; you do you). But whatever floats your boat.

Compared to its counterparts, Wrecking Balm leans a bit toward the pricey side. However, it promises to make your tattoo disappear in as little as 2 months. Go for this if you’ve an incoming affair you’d like to attend to tattoo-free in a few months.



Tattoo-Off is another tattoo-erasure cream you can avail in Singapore. This one-step system, when purchased, comes in a set that’ll last you for a good 5 months.

Don’t let the large haul intimidate you. Its manufacturers promise to make your tattoo vanish in a span of 5 months, all without compromising your skin’s condition.

Tattoo-Off is formulated with mild, skin-friendly ingredients. Even if you do end up consuming your supply, you need not worry about harming your skin in the process.



It’s human nature to think there’s strength in numbers. Well, if this sounds like you, why not give Dermasal a shot?

This product involves a 3-step system that swears to make your tattoo be gone in as little as 3 months. It claims to be effective on all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors of tattoos. Talk about multitasking!

What’s more, anyone can use Dermasal regardless of their skin type. In addition, this product has been proven safe for use on sensitive skin. No need to worry about potential breakouts with this one.