Tattoo Removal Treatment in Singapore, Before and After

Is it cheap to do a tattoo removal in Singapore?


It really depends on two main factors: what kind of tattoo do you have (size, tattoo area, color, your skin type) and the type of laser that will be used for tattoo removal. Either ways this procedure in Singapore costs between S$150.00 to S$280.00 per session.

We strongly recommend to go for a Enlighten laser treatment.

The main advantage of Enlighten is that, the laser energy specifically targets the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue. This precision results in a fewer sessions needed to completely remove your tattoo.

This simply means you are getting your tattoo removed significantly faster, cheaper and with less pain and discomfort.

This advanced tattoo removal technology, is well known for eliminating dark even black inked tattoos, that the traditional methods can’t.

Factors that Determine Tattoo Removal Cost

People come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; so do tattoos. In addition, you need to take into account the possibility of experiencing side effects from the operation.

Thus, the amount your friend spent to have her body art removed may be different from yours, and vice versa. This is because multiple factors contribute to the price of the procedure.


Tattoo size

Does your tattoo cover only a small portion or area of skin? You’re in luck! Smaller tattoos tend to disappear more rapidly than their larger counterparts.

This is because the laser has a more defined area to focus on; thus, the laser beams get to focus on a more specific area. The higher and more frequent the concentration, the faster the result. Speedy results mean a lesser number of treatment sessions for you, saving you some serious bucks.


Tattoo area

Yup, your tattoo location matters. Effective tattoo removal requires an equally effective lymphatic and circulatory system to deliver the dissolved ink pigments to their righteous spots, where they’re then flushed out of the body. This process is the heart and soul of the tattoo removal process.

If you got inked on, say, your feet or hands, expect to see slower results than when you got inked on your chest or back. Extremities have a lower (and slower) vascular supply than the torso, or the arms and legs.

Therefore, it’ll take more time for the white blood cells to get rid of the dissolved ink from the hands and feet. Slower delivery time means slower results. Slower results mean more treatment sessions.


Tattoo color

Your tattoo hue has a lot more say on your tattoo removal cost than initially expected. It’s been found that blue, black, and green tattoo pigments are the easiest to remove via laser. If your body art is composed of any of or a combination of these colors, you can expect to see them disappear more quickly.

Tattoo inks in orange, white, red, and yellow take a longer time to dissolve and eventually vanish. Experts have formulated modern machines that enable these colors to disintegrate faster, but results are still not as significant as they would’ve liked.


Skin type/color

It’s a scientific fact: tattoos on light skin vanish faster than they do on dark skin. Yup, skin type matters in laser tattoo removal.

You see, light skin naturally doesn’t absorb much laser light. Thus, when laser gets in contact with a tattoo on a light-skinned individual, the surrounding skin “neglects” the tattoo. This neglect means the laser focuses solely on the ink-covered area.

Dark skin, on the other hand, naturally takes in a significant amount of laser light. Thus, when laser hits the ink-covered surface of a dark-skinned individual, the laser gets “scattered” into the surrounding area.

This scattering waters down the laser’s natural power, as it no longer focuses solely on the tattoo. Thus, the tattoo takes time to disappear completely.

In addition, this is why dark-skinned individuals require a different tattoo-removal setting. This is to ensure the tattoo-free surface doesn’t get harmed by the laser light. In the event the surrounding skin got scarred or burned, you can count on these topical medications to recover.


Average Cost per Session

The tattoo removal cost varies per person and per clinic. There are no fixed guidelines to go about the cost-determining process since, well, different strokes for different folks.

A lot of factors come into play, such as the professional’s expertise, the clinic’s location, the client’s individual makeup, and the kind of tattoo-removal method used. Maybe you’ve noticed why your friends who had their body art done away with mentioned different prices. Well, folks, now you know why.

If you prefer a figure, though, based from different tattoo-removal clinics, it appears the price range runs from $200 to $500 per session. Again, you need to factor in several elements, but this range seems to be the most accurate one yet.


Average Number of Sessions Required

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only need to go through a single session for your tattoo to vanish completely? Well, that isn’t the case here, though. Thorough tattoo removal involves multiple sessions for effective results.

“How many sessions?” you ask. The answer to this is a lot like to your question regarding cost: it depends. Again, individual elements are at work here. Some of them you have control over (your state of health before the procedure, for example). Some of them are beyond your control (your skin color, for example).

Based on data gathered from various tattoo removal clinics, it appears an entire tattoo removal cycle can take as little as 3 months to as long as 9 months (sometimes even longer).

Tattoo removal sessions are generally spaced 4–6 weeks apart. This is to allow your skin to recover from the microtrauma it has encountered. Of course, your tattoo professional can prescribe a shorter or longer gap period between treatments, but the figure stated above is what most follow.

In addition, faster recovery from laser tattoo removal means you can cut short your number of treatment sessions. Always follow to the letter what your doctor tells you to do after every procedure.


If you hate being kept in the dark and would like a definite answer to the questions above, do get in touch with us! We can provide you a personalized consultation and give you fixed figures of how much you need to spend for your tattoo removal.