5 Best Tattoo Removal Creams You Can Buy in Singapore

The best tattoo removal creams, no doubt, were the farthest thing from your mind when you first had yourself inked.

You thought about getting tattooed for weeks on end. You agonized over the design, and took considerable time searching for the best tattoo artist who could give you the best results.

What were the chances you’d find yourself one day wanting to have your body art removed?


best tattoo removal cream


But life’s funny. What you want today could be the least thing you want tomorrow. Tattoos aren’t exempted from this basic principle. Fortunately, modern implements have made possible the removal of tattoo pigments off the skin.

While the process isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds, its results are often satisfactory. In fact, the procedure is inching its way to becoming one of the most common there is.


Tattoo Removal Cream: A Dream Come True

For many, and for so long, laser tattoo removal is the gold standard for removing unwanted tattoos. Makes sense. It’s safe, supervised by professionals, and approved by health authorities from around the world.

However, if you’re terrified of needles or are uncomfortable with the thought of going through the same kind of pain when you first got inked, laser tattoo removal, as effective as it may be, isn’t going to cut it for you. In fact, the idea might scare you so much you’d rather live with your unwanted tattoo than deal with it.

Well, it turns out you don’t have to go through the rest of your life with your now-undesired tattoo, because tattoo removal creams are here to save the day (and your life)!


How the Cream Erases the Ink

The best tattoo removal creams weave their magic by seeping deep into the skin and, in time, fading off the ink pigments from the tattoo.

Note, though, it will take a while before you can see clear results. The trick is to follow the application instructions to the letter and use the product regularly, without fail.


best tattoo removal cream


With time and religious application, you’ll notice your tattoo has faded. No more grimacing every time you come across it.

If you’re in Singapore, here are 5 of the best tattoo removal creams you can look into. These have been guaranteed to provide excellent results; simply take your merry pick, and you’re good to go.


1. TRUFade

While TRUFade is, in essence, a gel, it functions in pretty much the same manner as a cream for erasing tattoos.


best tattoo removal cream


This product’s claim to fame is its hypoallergenic formula that’s devoid of hydroquinone or TCA. Thus, your skin is less likely to experience an allergic reaction, and you can worry less about burning or scarring.

Furthermore, it’s said to work on both old and new tattoos. This plus the fact it’s made from skin-friendly ingredients makes this a winner in people’s books.


2. Inked Up

Don’t be fooled by it’s name; Inked Up is a potent tattoo removal cream made with the intention to do away with all traces of the tattoo you now regret getting.


best tattoo removal cream


Made with safe, 100% natural ingredients, this cream approaches tattoo removal in a progressive manner. You may need to wait for a couple of months before you see results, but the waiting game’s worth it once you see the cream’s effects.

Application is a breeze: “Simply apply to the affected area,” Inked Up instructs. And with promising reviews, why not, right? This explains why users consider this one of the best tattoo removal creams out there.


3. Tat B Gone

Tat B Gone is a 3-step tattoo removal program that involves the application of 3 separate creams with 3 respective functions.


best tattoo removal cream


Those who’ve tried it swear by its efficacy, and according to their website, 95% of their customers report complete satisfaction.

In addition, Tat B Gone prides itself in using only gentle, natural ingredients that are mild on the skin. It works on all skin types, and you can use it until you achieve your intended results.


4. Tattoo-OFF

If you’re a sucker for natural, botanical products and want to remove your tattoo at the same time, then Tattoo-OFF is the perfect cream for you.


best tattoo removal cream


It’s made from natural ingredients that promise to deliver good old TLC to your skin, such as the following: aloe leaf juice, lemon extract, orange peel, rosemary leaf, and sage leaf.

What’s more, this can be used on permanent cosmetics as well, such as lip outlines and eyebrows. For best results, apply the cream twice a day. Regularly hailed as one of the best tattoo removal creams on the market, this works on all skin types and color, and on all colors and amounts of ink.


5. BetterComplexions TCA Chemical Peel

Say you aren’t comfortable at the thought of all-natural ingredients making up your tattoo removal cream. Or you feel iffy at the thought of putting on cream products. Say you’d rather go down the old-school route—you know, products composed of chemicals and in liquid form.

It’s okay, you can do whatever you want. If tried-and-tested is your preferred method, then this TCA chemical peel by BetterComplexions is just the product for you.


best tattoo removal cream


But even with the “scary” chemical label, the product is actually very mild, almost having the same consistency as water. To get the best results, follow the instructions to the letter.

In addition, while this product is technically not a cream, when lists of the best tattoo removal creams are created, this baby often pops up. That really says something about how it works.

You’ll have to go through a waiting period before you notice significant fading in your tattoo. This is normal, though, and is usually the case with tattoo removal creams. Just keep at it until you’re satisfied your tattoo has disappeared considerably.