Laser Tattoo Removal: 5 Reasons to Undergo the Procedure

Laser tattoo removal was perhaps the furthest thing from your mind when you’d first gotten inked. In fact, 40 percent of the population in the United States probably felt the same way. Remember that period when tattoos were all the rage? That resulted to 1 in 3 American citizens having ink on their bodies.

Now, the tide has shifted. According to tattoo-industry experts, 50 percent of inked individuals are likely to entertain the idea of having their “tats” removed. Considering how everyone wanted to get a tattoo back then, this figure is quite surprising.

Approval for Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the gold standard for doing away with unwanted ink. This is because the treatment brings effective, long-lasting results, and you can do a couple of steps to ensure a speedy recovery.

Throw in the fact that laser tattoo removal has improved significantly over the years. Therefore, is it any wonder more and more people are considering going through the procedure?

5 Reasons to Undergo Laser Tattoo Removal

You’re reading this because you’re entertaining the idea of having your tattoo removed but are still unsure if you should go with it.

Well, fret not. It’s okay, and it’s completely natural to hesitate before diving into getting the procedure. Hopefully these 5 reasons to undergo laser tattoo removal help nudge you into the right direction (and into the dermatologist’s clinic—wink, wink).

1. You’re dissatisfied with the outcome.

If this reason applies to you, you’re in good company. Most people spend months, maybe even years, coming up with the perfect tattoo design, only to have the tattoo artist botch it up when inked on their skin.

The tattoo serves as a constant reminder of that disappointment, and who would want that? Thus, people turn to laser tattoo removal to have that reminder scrubbed off their skin.

2. You’ve broken up with someone.

Ah, young love, sweet love. When you’re in the throes of passion, it’s easy to see yourself spending forever with that one person. You vow to do what you can to show your undying affection, and what better way than to have their name tattooed on your body?

So you get a tattoo. You’re so full of love you barely remember how the procedure went.

Then reality sets in. Life—in the form of arguments and troubles, perhaps—waves its magic wand, and before you know it, forever has become a thing of the past.

The example sounds sappy, but oh, how it holds true. It’s been said countless times: never tattoo someone’s name on your body.

Laser tattoo removal, thank goodness, is now around to save the day. Life’s too beautiful to spend dwelling on the what-ifs, what-could-have-beens, and the like.

3. You want to boost up your career.

Other than those relating to matters of the heart, most people opt to have their tattoos removed due to employment reasons.

Maybe you’ve switched jobs and your new workplace has a “No tattoos allowed” policy. Or maybe you want to move up the corporate ladder but feel your tattoo’s holding you back.

The tattoo culture is no longer as shocking as it was a couple of years back. However, there are companies that remain conservative on their views regarding tattoos, especially visible ones.

For individuals under such firms, laser tattoo removal makes for a great option to help them fulfill their corporate goals.

4. You need space for new tattoos.

You love tattoos so much you can’t get enough of them. And why not? Tattoos are in themselves works of art. Of course you want to get as many of them as you can.

Laser tattoo removal, in this instance, doesn’t involve complete removal. It involves only fading the tattoo to a degree that allows another tattoo atop it.

Tattoo technicians prefer you have a few laser treatments, actually. A lighter tattoo makes it easier to put a new one on, and this leads to better outcomes too.

5. You want a blank slate, to start anew.

Tattoos have been around for millennia, but back then, their associations were more positive. They “have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment,” an article by states. Hailed as bodily works of art, the significance of tattoos leaned toward the cultural.

It’s along these principles that gangs and groups have adopted the tattoo culture. You’ve heard of specific symbols and images representing gangs. Or groups in prison. Or an exclusive sorority.

People change, people grow, and people move on. They cut off ties with their groups, and because they’ve been “branded” as members, they want to erase those marks.

The heaven-sent solution to this dilemma is laser tattoo removal. With this treatment, ex–gang members are given a shot at new life. The procedure removes all ink traces of their old life, and this makes their reentry into society easier.

Make Safety Your Priority

Regardless of your reason for wanting to have your tattoo removed, place utmost priority on your safety. This is your body you’re dealing with here, and you can’t find any of that all over the world (read: you only have one body, so take care of it!).


Laser tattoo removal is a relatively safe, gentle, and hassle-free procedure. All the same, you need a reputable dermatologist from a reputable tattoo removal clinic to perform the procedure for you. Place yourself (and your to-be-removed tattoo) at the hands of experts who took the time and effort to perfect the craft. This increases your chances of quality, faster-healing results.